This probably would never happen but it’s fun thing to about

I want a day to come where respawn would do an event with no guns so people can only fight with ordinance and their fists. I dont think there would be a problem tbh.

Grenades can bounce off objects, arcs stars can stick and thermites would…. burn…

Obviously some characters would have an advantage like Caustic Bangalore and Gibby being having tactical and ults that eeal damage while mirage and wraith can get away from situations of flank. So pathfinder an octane would be most useful for punches as they can get to places quicker.

Idk about lifeline. I feel like she's either very useful or very useless in a situation. There is no in-between. But the res-shield would come in handy to deflect explosions.

I wonder how final circles would be like too. Since you can deal damage to yourself with your own genades it would be pretty hard too. Or if it ends In a place like thunderdome or something

Idk it's just a late night thought


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