Thoughts Of The Iron Crown Event Controversy From A Freeloader

I play Apex because it was fun. I have never and will ever pay for Mircotranactions. If I don't earn it in the game, I will never get it. That's not just with Apex, that's for everything I play. I'm fine with that. I play Apex and turn it off when I'm done. Its not a relationship lol. They want to put ridiculous priced loot boxes in THEIR game, it's their right. But reading Respawns reply to the outrage was troubling. Them sidestepping the issue by focusing on how the internet talks to them is typical business PR. Yeah, they acknowledged the fact that purchasing loot boxes to get a chance to purchase loot boxes is crazy but doesn't address the fact that they thought of it, designed it & implemented it. You needed outrage to know this was going to be received horribly? But calling people like me who play games because they are fun freeloaders is…as my girl would call it….yucky.

Apex wasn't made F2P out of the kindness of Respawns heart. It was made so they can implement aggressive MTX. So referring to people who play the game and don't participate in MTX freeloaders is baffling. But let's say I did. Let's say I'm all about MTX and have no problem spending $10 to $15 dollars on skins i can't really see. If I wanted to buy the axe thing, which they focused alot on in the marketing and thought it would be so sought after they placed it at the end of the Mircotranactions Maze, I wouldn't think buying and receiving abunch of skins I might not want to get the CHANCE to purchase the item I do want is dumb.

2 or 3 people speaking for Respawn doesn't represent how the whole studio thinks of their players. 20 to 30 thousand people online calling you bad names doesn't represent all the people who play Apex. Good will is hard to manufacture in the gaming industry these days. And they kinda lost mine. I will still play Apex. I know they don't make the game for me, they make it for those few people purchase MTX. That doesn't bother me. I still have tons of things to unlock for free and I'm having fun. Just wish the people who are at the top weren't asshats. Lol


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