Thoughts on Rampart

So it's been a while and I've played a decent bit of rampart in ranked. I have to say she's an instant favorite for me, as I love more tactical and slow gameplay. Getting the drop on an enemy from behind a wall or closing off their escape with sheila at the right moment is amazing! At the same time, I feel she certainly has some flaws.


Turret can be amazing if you defend it well enough or have a solid position. ; Walls provide an awesome damage boost with things like tripletake or hemlock. Even in close combat encounters, they can turn the battle. ; Fast lmg reload and extra mag is nice I guess… ; The functions of the wall make it strategically useful for both offense and defense. ; Style~


Passive is rather lame tbh. Only significant lmg is devotion, as even with her boost the other ones simply can't overtake the better AR's and volt for example.(I'd take Hemlock over just about any LMG any day, rampart or no.) When I play her she basically has NO PASSIVE, which ya know- sucks. If they buffed the lmg's (not devo plz) then I would consider it a bit better but still…

The wall's have rather low health for what they are meant to be. They are not really going to allow you to push up and lock down a position from the enemy. Good for extending or fortifying cover, or for interiors, but generally they are broken too fast. The best way to use them is as an opening volley booster.

The turret is really nice when it has better positioning and the enemy does not have a sniper, angle to shoot you, enough cover to escape, grenades, crypto, caustic, etc. I feel like as much fun as she is to play and as useful as her abilities can be Rampart is just not strong enough to be consistent. Her abilities vary incredibly based on positioning. Used properly she could decimate, but I feel like you have to also be quite lucky for it to go well.

What does everyone else think? Love her? Hate her? Buff? Debuff?


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