Times when you knew you had a bad teammate?

For this one its more an angry teammate than a bad one.

Today I was playing, was feeling pretty good about myself as the first two games of the day i played with randoms and won both. The third game i decided to play as Gibralter as i wanted more damage for him towards the achievement on xbox. (5000 damage with 8 different heroes i believe).

I don't typically play Gibraltar, and I'm by no means a pro player at all. Obviously that means when my squads stats card shows up i don't have have the greatest kills/wins on there but i play for fun. But as soon as our squad cards show up before the match one of my teammates starts mocking my gamertag and my stats on Gibraltar. I'm annoyed but I figure I won't let them ruin my fun. Especially since he's shit talking me yet the last guy on our squad had less kills and was a lower level than me. So i just assumed the two were friends. (Edit: could have been he saw the lower level and didn't feel the need to harass them too. )

We land without anybody near us and so we all go for some gear, and I ping a few weapons and armor for them. The same guy comes on Mic and tells me "Stop pinging shit we know what we are doing". I had only pinged like two basic armors, and a havoc and r-301. Neither of them had armor when i pinged them.

Further on the two are moving out so i follow to stay with the squad but I'm a little behind as they didn't ping or say in any way they were heading out. But thats normal for some who play as a duo. So I follow when i see they're leaving the area.

They get in a fight and I join in and we take out the squad. Nobody was shooting and they seemed to be looting. Plus i heard the "whole squad wiped out" line. So I started looting myself as I hadn't gotten much ammo from where we dropped and the fight lasted long enough to make me low enough to warrant me needing more in case another squad comes by. Speak of the devil a single enemy from a different squad came in and shot the guy who was talking trash to me. I grabbed as much as i could from the box so I could fight and went to help out. I did get a purple shield from the box. Teammate takes out the enemy before i reach him and he starts going on about how I'm clearly a loot stealer and don't help in the fights. Almost immediately when the shooting had started did i rush grab what i could from the box and then head over to my team mate. I was probably in the loot menu for a second.

At this point i throw ln my mic to try and explain how I thought we were safe at the moment and was just grabbing loot from the nearest box to me so i could be prepared if another squad came and he kept yelling over me, telling me to get a job and as they put it "go back to being muted, fucker".

I even offered them or my other teammate the shield i got as it was better than their shields and they told me "put your stolen shit back on". At this point i just stopped talking as i knew it wasn't going to make things better. Next fight we got in we were wiped. Our final stats for the match came up, and although the guy had the most damage, i had the second most and was not far behind them.

Did I make a few mistakes? Probably a few. I'm not a great player. But I tried to work with who my team was, offering gear and helping in the fights. Oh and I know if someone does most of the damage or kills to an enemy the loot should be theirs. The two were looting death crates a bit away from me and I had already planned to offer the purple shield to at least the guy not trash talking me but i grabbed it cause I had a small panic when i heard shooting.

So what are some stories you guys have of bad/angry teammates? Also feel free to give me some tips as well. I can always improve.

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