Titanfall 3…a dream

The sun shines on the city people walk around and soldiers guard the perimeter MRVN's swing from structures to go repair and build more to expand the growing Angel City Titans drop to the ground people and soldiers alike run indoors to avoid a death by the Giants Militia Ships loom over the air comet like objects fall to the ground and Titans turn to face the opposing IMC Mechs "Charge!" One mysterious voice yells as they both turn to war Simulacrum and human grunts joining the ground war battles raging a familiar Chassis hovers over the battle his paint scratched and his arms and legs seemingly new but made of makeshift metal and mechanical parts "BT" was the paint on the nose of his cockpit "Cooper…" He muttered silently before joining the onslaught most Titans on both sides stopping to watch in horror or hope as he takes out multiple IMC Pilots with ease bearing a T-203 Thermite launcher and a Ronin Broadsword running through the city and out of sight both sides of the battle watching as he did "BT…?" A grunt whispers as the mysterious warrior flees out of sight Barker of the six-four now older but still flying in troops receives an ominous message with the only words "J.C." being the contents…

But hey that's just a thing I made nothing to be excited about hope you enjoyed the little story or whatever

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/i9wca6/titanfall_3a_dream/

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