To All Duo Players: Stop Treating The 3rd Player Like Trash

Dear Duo Players,

There is nothing wrong with playing with a close friend and wanting to talk in party chat, or wanting to save items for your boy. With that said, to all the duo players, please remember your third player is still a part of the team.

It is so frustrating to watch duos loot every death box they see before even considering reviving you. It is even more frustrating when your teammates run in the opposite direction of you without warning, or to call out an item only to grab it for their friend when you get too close.

I understand not all duos want their conversations broadcasted to their teammate, but being able to hear call outs makes the game so much easier, and its always a nice to be able to talk to your teammates during early game lulls.

I love the team component to Apex, I think its what makes the game so much fun, and I've even had some of my favorite moments playing with duos. But as a frequent 3rd random, I would love to feel a part of the team more and not a moving death-box.


Your Third Teammate


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