TtV wRaItH dIdN’t DrOp WiTh Us, ThEn D.c. AfTeR hE dIeD…

If you ever play a Trio/Duo as a duo/solo and cue up with a solo Wraith that drops without you, it is probably in your best interest to drop with them. No matter where they go and how far away you are when you realize they dropped without you. I say this because I am a wraith main that will split off from my randoms if they don’t have the “best” stats or ping somewhere that doesn’t have enough loot. I would say 90% of the time we know what we are doing and having teammates as bait at the beginning of the game makes more of a difference than you think. People always post about wraiths dying and leaving, but no one ever talks about the person who left a reddit post saying “Shouldn’t have dropped without us! insert picture of disconnected wraith that died” but they were across the map looting a no name location picking up spitfires and charge rifles. (Not saying those guns are bad but unexperienced players love them) Just thought that this needed to be said.
P.S. All the wraith mains out there need to start sticking up for themselves. Obviously the chance of winning is 99% higher at end game if you have a full squad so stick together and LAND WITH THE SOLO WRAITH AT ALL COST.


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