Want to Understand More: SBMM

Trying to keep this short – not harsh.

My understanding: SBMM is implemented so the gamer is engaged in closer battles if all other variables are equal. This is instead of being routinely slaughtered in random MM. Even if you lose, you feel like you had a fair shot at winning and then are subsequently more motivated to jump back in.

Is the issue that you are not in favor of how SBMM is being implemented? – You are still being slaughtered as opposed to defeated, and have not been able to play at a consistent match level. Your friends with different levels influencing your skill based matches.


Is this issue that you can no longer simply sign on and slay people each match? – Maintain a K/D ratio, have to "sweat" out victories?


Any others?

I can understand the first issue, I cannot understand the second. That sounded harsh, again not my intention.

Please help me understand.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/eeaaax/want_to_understand_more_sbmm/

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