Wattson Buff/Perk Ideas: Overcharge and Insulated.

We all know Wattson got some unneeded nerfs but let's talk about Buffing her or giving her more usability. Here's my suggestion.

Arc Star Overcharge (Perk): Wattson gains the ability to overcharge Arc Stars, giving them a bigger blast radius and quicker time to explode. This is on a 15 second cool down, and she can only over charge two at a time.

To overcharge you must hold the Arc Star in hand for 4 seconds before throwing.

As an added Bonus, Wattson takes less health and shield damage from Arc Stars and has no movement disability when in its radius. Also Wattson cannot be stucked with Arc Stars. Neither can she be hurt by her own Arc Stars.

Insulated (Perk):

Wattson is immune to other Wattson fences.
(Just like how Caustic is immune to other Caustic Traps/Ultimate)

This gives Wattson a little bit of an offensive edge instead of just waiting for someone to walk through a fence.

What do you guys think?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/d1i2kf/wattson_buffperk_ideas_overcharge_and_insulated/

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