Wattson really needs to get buffed.

These are my first thoughts after the legend released today.

I was pumped to use her for the first time but after a few games she’s… underwhelming.

First time I encountered some enemy’s Wattson pillars outside of a bunker door I decided to go through them. They only took me half of a bar of shield. Also they can easily be destroyed even when they are on (unlike Caustic traps).

People tend to move faster and games are quicker for me. She’s so situational but even in the right situations the damage dealt it’s not enough for someone to consider not pushing through them.

I really liked the fact that the ultimate charges friendly shields but countering grenades or ark stars it’s not really useful because people don’t use them as much.

Maybe when I rank higher (I hope) thing will change but these are my initial thoughts while using her and playing against her through bronce tiers.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/c8hefp/wattson_really_needs_to_get_buffed/

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