Wattsons theory!

Okay so I have a small theory on what's happening next for " Apex legends " . What if wattson has to go through some sort of surgery where it'll affect the way she acts and is now mean and angry at every legend sort of like revenants tone , and she gets new voicelines where for example, when she's getting revived she says something like "Don't touch me or I WILL shock you!" She could also get some small changes where she no longer has the cap on and her hair is just out , And caustic gets new voicelines for her trying to bring her back but in order to do so he needs to forget his past and be a good guy again. Again this is just a small theory that I have or that Respawn could possibly add this in the game 🎮 but anyways this would be cool to see and Can't wait what comes next . Sub to my youtube :Bluegogo 49" where I do some more theorys like this and live stream and play with people thanks!😊

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/gtn81o/wattsons_theory/

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