Ways to get matches to last longer and stop so many people from leaving

Ever since the mobile respawn beacons were being tested in armed and dangerous it seemed like respawn found a way to have people stay in matches when there are no more respawn beacons. But then as you know everyone has started leaving the second they died. They don't ever give you a chance to get their banner. And if you get it they still end up leaving 80% of the time. The only times people don't leave is when you're right next to a respawn beacon and you've just killed the entire team. Otherwise they leave the game.

For me, every game I play there are a couple squads that drop at the first possible location or hot drop, and half the lobby drops at the middle of the map towards the left and right at two separate locations, and there are one or two squads that might go towards the very edge of the map. With matches being like this half the lobby is within a 400-500 meter circle before the first ring has even closed. And you get thirsted after, leaving no time to get away with a banner most of the time to respawn teammates

With so many good players in one lobby because of skillbased matchmaking the matches end within 10-12 minutes. And nobody has a chance to respawn teammates(not including them leaving) and keep the game going on longer cause a respawn or a fight always bring 1-3 squads that way.

There would have to be people landing at every location and have everyone spread out for the match to be able to last any longer at this point. Maybe they could make a game mode where every squad has a predetermined landing location so everyone is spread out and see if that works. But it would take time to prepare a gamemode and it might not even work. I think a new map, maybe even a bigger map would absolutely save this, there would be people landing at new locations every game and everyone wouldn't know exactly where a fight is happening just from sound for a while, but that isn't a permanent solution.

Respawn tried the mobile respawn beacon, which whenever I've pinged one nobody wanted to even carry. After the backpack nerf you need enough space for throwables, enough healables to last fight after fight cause of back to back third parties, and ammo for 2 different ammo types unless you decide to run two of the same ammo types. And specifically for wattson you have to make space for ultimate recharges, but you already have to sacrifice a slot for them. So carrying mobile respawn beacons isn't something people want to do. The only solution would be to drop things you don't need towards endgame like extra healables.

If you were in a premade squad this could be solved by having one person carry extra ammo or health and one person carry the mobile respawn beacon. Or having a special slot that takes up no backpack space for the mobile respawn beacon would be nice, but will probably not happen. What do you think about all this, and what do you think needs to happen for the matches to last longer and be more fun?

Edit: revised everything to shorten it

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/hq0n74/ways_to_get_matches_to_last_longer_and_stop_so/

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