We can get EA to fuck off if we try.

Everyone needs to be mad at the actual perpetrator of these pricing shenanigans. EA.
They own Respawn Entertainment it it’s entirety thanks to big daddy Vince selling the company for $500 million.

Respawn is made up of gamers like us who worked really hard just to be put under the boot heel of fucking EA of all companies. I’m sure they don’t enjoy slapping these prices on their items.

EA probably doesn’t care if this game succeeds or not because they already have the casuals money, the streamers money, and will forever continue to take money baths in their sports games revenue.

So if we’re going to send a message telling EA to fuck right off with these prices, then don’t spend money on the overpriced skins. And tell the streamers not to do it either. Because ultimately it’s the focus on, and popularity of these events and items that lets them set the prices this way.

Same thing happened with Battlefront 2. The community boycotted that mess and major aspects of the progression system were reworked. And they even tried a second time and the community put its foot down with their wallets. And that’s exactly what we need to do.

I genuinely enjoy this game, it’s universe, and the story it has to tell. As well as many people I’ve played with have, and I’d hate to see it go because a greedy mega company fucked all of us and turned us against each other.
All while making mountains of money in the process.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/g1fpv1/we_can_get_ea_to_fuck_off_if_we_try/

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