We need to change legend names!

The current cultural climate has demanded change from games like magic the gathering and chess. It's only a matter of time before they come for apex. I propose we beat them to the punch. Here I have composed revisions to each legends name in order for them to be more harmonious with our times.

Bloodhound -> nonbinary zer

Gibby -> sir gay, gigantic and great

Lifeline -> oppressed minority

Pathfinder -> learn to code

Wraith -> Karen

Bangalore -> antifa

Caustic -> the alt right

Mirage -> white fragility

Octane -> undocumented American

Wattson -> safesapce

Crypto -> social media junkie

Revenant -> peaceful protester

Loba -> socialist queen

This is a working list, I'm open to any and all suggestions. 😛

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/hpk46j/we_need_to_change_legend_names/

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