We NEED to Talk About Mirage: Definitive Buff Thread.

There are currently three characters that need some aggressive buffing. Bloodhound, Crypto, and even more so Mirage. Let's talk about Mirage.

Mirage is one of the most underpowered Legends in the game to the point where his tactical is literally on the line of Useful and Useless. And let me tell you, it's leaned far more over to useless than useful.

Let's breakdown why that is and how to improve it.

TACTICAL INCONSISTENCIES: The animation Mirage's decoys do is very inconsistent. Sometimes it'll do his inspect animation, and sometimes it has him looking as if he's aiming his gun, point is both are unconvincing, especially the inspect animation and you never know which one you'll get so there's no way to plan it.

BUFF: Animation Wheel.

With this implemented you can choose what animation for his Decoys to be in.

Hold down the Tactical button to do 3 types of animations.

  1. Attack: Decoy Simulates the animation of Firing downsights both while moving and stationary

  2. Healing/Shielding: Decoy will simulate the animation of Charging Shields or Healing both moving and stationary. This is reactive based on if you lost shields or need to heal.

  3. Down: Simulate the animation of being downed.

REACTIVE DECOYS: Pressing the tactical button without holding it will still send out a running decoy, but now it will be reactive depending on the situation. For example, in a fire fight when a decoy reaches it's destination it will do the attack animation automatically. If you place your decoy by a deathbox it'll do the inspect animation. Any other time it'll just stand there with an idle animation depending on if you had your gun out or not.

BUFF: Two Decoy Charges.

Yes like Bangalore, you're able to send two decoys at a time and both have a cool down.

META: For this I wanted to add a new meta for Mirage. Something almost no one uses but is in the game that will be useful for Mirage. This meta involves ledge grabbing. Yes that move where you can hold on to a ledge and peek. With Mirage you can do that and send a decoy to vault over the wall, ledge, or whatever.

ULTIMATE BUFF: When in his ultimate, Mirage moves 25% faster. He can now use Ziplines while invisible. Using his ultimate will recharge his tactical upon uncloaking.

So these are my ideas. This is my definitive list of buff I feel Mirage needs to truly be a Holographic Trickster. Some may say this is overpowered which it's not. Mirage's whole MO is to trick opponents, which he should be good at doing. If it sounds like this would make him a tricky character to fight. IT SHOULD. Just like how Fighting a Caustic indoors is intimidating, or going Head to Head with Gibraltar, out running a Bloodhound, or flanked by a Pathfinder.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/e7ke8m/we_need_to_talk_about_mirage_definitive_buff/

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