Weekly Challenges need work, and these are some ideas I had.

The content of Weekly Challenges is pretty dry, and simply not fun. Sure, there are some pretty amazing missions that you really got to work for, but there are some that are just boring. Some require you to use a Legend you don't enjoy, and some require you to do the same, but with a Weapon. But I get it. Not all things you want can happen.

So, here's the thing: I personally enjoy more a good challenge, instead of a randomized from a pool. There's also the fact that, ever since Location Based challenges were removed, a lot of missions are repeating themselves. I just got a mission to bring back five friends from the dead three times in a row. Challenges like causing damage with Bangalore's Rolling Thunder are repeatedly appearing every season, and it's becoming very stale. I believe Weekly challenges could be reworked and have more, new ones, added every Season, especially considering I didn't see anyone getting a mission related to Loba, although this may be a mistake on my end.

So, here's the idea: there are currently three missions that grant a battle pass level, and four that give six thousand points (stars) towards the next category. In order to make it more enjoyable, one of the missions that automatically level up your battle pass are more "casual" and "unique", based on doing some sort of interaction with the map. Open a Vault, find a Legendary Weapon, fully recharge your Ultimate with a Recharging Station, etc.

For the four missions that give a smaller amount of XP, make one of those missions somewhat more unique than the others, like "Kill an enemy right after deploying from a Redeploy Ballon", or "Kill an enemy right after Grappling into combat with Pathfinder", or maybe even "Steal one item from the Vault with Loba's Black Market Boutique". For the others, more missions related to the Legend trackers and that involve appreciating a playstyle or that tries to make you better in the game could be added to the pool of possibilities. Things like "Travel 500m with Loba's/Pathfinder's Tactical Ability", "Stay in the Void for a total of 25 seconds", "Have 12 Fences all set-up at once", there is just a lot of possibilities. After that, beef-up the amount of XP to 6,750 per challenge, or a round seven thousand.

Last, but not least, a new type of way to get additional experience for those who want an even more casual, fun and passive experience. It's something I like to call the "Weekly Nessy Hunt", which would have it's own page of challenges.

Based on the Nessy/Nessie Easter Egg, this would be introduced as a mechanic to get bonus points every week, being exclusive to Premium Battle Pass owners. This is how it could work:

  • Everytime a new set of Weekly Challenges release, a total of seven Nessy Plushies are added in certain hand-picked locations of the main map of the Season, that currently being Kings Canyon. In the Season Quest maps, there would be one hiding as well. One day before the next Week releases, the PlayApex Twitter Page posts an image of the main map with all of the Nessie Locations marked, and a screenshot of the Quest Nessy with some sort of way to properly indicate where it is. When the next week comes, you lose your chances of interacting with these plushies, and they are immediately re-arranged in order to start the process again. The one in the Quests is permanent.
  • They can be interacted (e.g press square to squish), have their own sound-effect of squishing, and specific voice-lines for every Legend doing such action (Revenant doing it would be priceless). When close to them, they create a noise to make finding them easier, that noise stopping for the player if he/she squishes it. It gives the player an amount of 6,750XP points per Nessy, or 54,000XP for all eight.
  • Once you find all eight, a dog plushie is added for the player in the secondary map of the Season. In this Season, it's World's Edge. It's nose can be interacted (e.g press square to boop) and has their own sound-effect of booping. They share the same sound of proximity with the Nessie, and possibly the same Legend Voice-Lines. It gives the player a free Battle Pass Level, and instantly disappears when the player interacts with it.
  • Upon hunting your first Nessy, you would get a "Nessies Squished" tracker. It would give players insight on how many they have gotten and how many remains, being very helpful to keep track of your hunt.
  • The posts revealing the Nessy Locations can also happen in this Subreddit, or even the Community Tab in the official Apex Legends Youtube channel. Maybe all of them at the same time.

If you flawlessly squish all Nessies in a Season, not failing even one of them, you get a "Nessy Hunter" badge and an exclusive Nessy and Dog Weapon Charm.

The badge would evolve depending on how many times you're capable of doing it flawlessly, although not necessarily followed one by another.

  • For one season, you're a Professional Nessie Hunter.
  • For three seasons, you're a Veteran Nessie Hunter.
  • For five seasons, you're a Master Nessie Hunter.
  • For ten seasons, you're an Apex Predator Nessie Hunter. Or if Respawn wants to change a little bit, an Godly Nessie Hunter.

Not only that, but for every evolution in the badge, you would win a Nessy Charm, themed on the adjective used in the badge. For example, the "Professional Nessie Hunter" badge would give you a Nessie using a tuxedo and black sunglasses, like a Secret FBI Agent. This is just an idea.

The Nessie and Dog Weapon charm is pretty self-explanatory. It would be a new, cool looking one, for every Season.

This would mean even a very passive and not-so-good player could win over five levels from the BP every week, and if enough dedication goes through, maybe even over seven. It could be good too, considering there's not a lot of content in Apex at this point, and some content-creators could take advantage of this. Would also soften the situation of people saying the items in the Battle Pass are bad.

In the future, these challenges could be developed even further with secret missions or funny/interesting variations, such as changing the Dog plushie to something else every season, like porkchops.

But this is just my two cents in the topic. What do you guys think?

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