What I truly Believe Apex Needs

Now, There are many differing opinions out there, so share your opinions in the comments

Alright, Here are some things I wanna see in apex

  1. Bring the PK back into the ground, and remove PC on it
  2. Remove SBMM in Pubs, fix it in Ranked, and add a mode where all the players are bots so new players can get a feel of how to play
  3. Lower the Devotions Fire Rate and lower its dmg by one more to make it less oppressive with turbo
  4. Make it so that charging a sentinel gives it disruptors that only lower manually and not by a timer
  5. Fix the footsteps, Thermite, and Silent Devo Bugs
  6. And Finally, The TTK. Personally, I'm fine with it, i like fast paced fights, but i understand not everyone does, so here's what i propose: Lower the Evo's Damage Requirements To Evolve

Current Dmg Numbers

White Dmg150
Blue Dmg250
Purple Dmg500

My Proposed Idea

White Dmg75
Blue Dmg100
Purple Dmg350

Also Make the Gold Body Shield 4 Bars Again

Anyway, Tell Me What you Think! Constructive Criticism is Welcome!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/ik6db7/what_i_truly_believe_apex_needs/

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