What if the new room from the teasers in labs is just a portal to a new map location?

What if instead of Kings canyon being updated, we are getting a new map. I cam to this idea because in the new leaks there is obviously the picture of labs on the cards, but what if that separate room there, is going to just be part of the transition to a new map.

What if the games are moving to a new location, and are just using labs as the means of transportation? Wraith has her gear to set of and travel to other dimensions, which has a set size as range, but we see this size and range being broken with the large teleport into labs from the sky. What if this new room is just a new portal locations set up in labs that will be bigger and lead farther away?

Obviously this is a little bit of a stretch but i would absolutely love to see this come to the game. I love both kings canyon and Worlds Edge, but I would really love some new content and this would be a good way to implement it into the game, while also being able to implement it into the lore.

Please let me know how this seems to you guys. I'd love to be getting a new map, just wondering if my theory makes any sense.

Thanks all

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/g6x0z4/what_if_the_new_room_from_the_teasers_in_labs_is/

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