What new ammo types and accompanying weapons would you like to see added to the game?

We currently have 4 ammo types (5 if you count legendary) and various weapons for each type. Each ammo trye is used in various ways with their respective weapons.

IF they were to add additional ammo types down the line, with accompanying weapons, what ammo types would you like to see?

Here's my general layout for concepts. I've filled it out with concept I came up with (could be op, but definitely could be balanced if done correctly)

Ammo type: Explosive rounds

Rarity: Rare (slightly moreso than energy)

Amount per stack: 40 (maybe 60, they're supposed to be rare and hard to carry)

Projectile speed: Medium/Slow (slightly slower than light rounds)

Additonal info: While explosive rounds are hard to come by and hard to land at range, their payoff is wholely worth it if you can land your shots. Landing a direct hit deals the weapon's full damage and do reduced splash damage in an area around the impact (possibly with damage falloff at edges). Shots that hit a surface deal reduced splash damage in a small area.

Accompanying weapon concept(s):

– Slow firing AR (a bit faster than the longbow's fire rate) that excells at mid range. Outclassed by other weapons in close range and starts to get harder to land meaningful damage at longer ranges.

– Medium fire-rate SMG (a bit slower than prowler with SF) that really plays into the splash damage aspect. While outclassed by r99 in pure 1v1 damage, spraying into a group of enemies will let this weapon shine. Though, good luck finding enough ammo to last.

Anyway, I'm excited to read about all of your ideas. And who knows, maybe one of em will make it into the game someday!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/c2yl7i/what_new_ammo_types_and_accompanying_weapons/

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