What SBMM should really be

I am a way below average player. Though I have played since season 1 and am level 410 on Xbox, I am lucky to get one kill and over 200 damage in a normal match. My highest kill game is 5 and I have barely broken 1000 damage (just once.) The game is very hard for me.

I had the chance this week to borrow a PS4 and start from scratch. Wow, what a difference! I had a few squad wipes, one game where our third quit early and we won as a duo, and a few 3-4 kill games. It's still not easy; I am getting killed a bunch as usual, but at least I feel like I have a chance against these players.

I have to return the PS4 tomorrow. Plus I have all my legends unlocked on Xbox so I want to go back anyway, but… damn am I going to miss feeling like I am actually contributing. I wish I knew how to get the same experience on my main account. I wish the SBMM would actually recognize my true skill level and stop throwing me to the wolves all the time (and by wolves I mean you average players that normally stomp my guts out…)

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