what will be this games end if……..

In my opinion, the things that will be ALs downfall if not changed will be the lack of satisfaction from players when leveling up.

I'm not talking about the quality of items provided for the season, ( which suck in my opinion) its there first one and they needed more time to truly develop items that made you feel like the grind was worth it.

I'm talking about the lack of apex packs that drop as you rank up and the fact that when you do get them its usually garbage you don't want or need and will never use. COD and other games reward you by letting you get access to new weapons and gear. Fortnite has awesome and fun rewards for leveling in the season. Apex, you can rank up 20 levels and feel like you have only really gotten one thing that you like.

I know fortnite has had a lot more time and like I said before, apex should of taken more time to develop season rewards. BUT that doesn't take away the fact that Fortnite is a game right now they are competing with.

One easy fix would be increase the rewarding of apex packs to every level. Increase the loot every five and ten levels. For the season, make all packs the purple pack and for god sacks make it so the lowest reward is blue.

I really love this game and enjoyed it. But I have just gotten to the point where the time spent is not worth the reward given.

I believe small fixes could be a huge way to increase gamer satisfaction. Sorry for my rant. If you disagree I fully respect that and would love to hear why

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