whats the best solution for solo queue ranked? sbmm/ best legend? best weapons? play style?

depending on which server i play the matchmaking decides if i either get one or two got games with other two good players against bots OR im supposed to carry people who i have no idea how to play literally. i dont blame them you can just see that they play casualy maybe on weekends while i play everyday since release yet im still learning. never really played online games but i love apex. so instead of complaining im looking for solutions. i main lifeline right now but im really tired of reviving my teammates every minute. i know you now want to downvote me but i did this for so long now. at some point the better squad full sends it and kills me too and i keep loosing points. im even the one on the front fighting yet my teammates die of bad positioning. anyways how about crypto? with long range weapons? always in the open only shooting from far? or caustic only indoor with two smgs? maybe going back to bangalore im not sure what do you guys do to survive ranked?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/jdq78w/whats_the_best_solution_for_solo_queue_ranked/

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