What’s the worst string of luck you’ve ever had in a short time? I’ll start.

So last night I was playing with a friend on PS4 and there were about 8 squads left. We were on the outer part of the circle still inside, when all of the sudden, it happened to me. I was literally knocked down 3 times and killed TWICE in a span of less than 3 minutes.

We’d keep getting into fights and then always with the third party. After being knocked down the first time, I got revived and the literal second I was revived I was shot in the back with one bullet and was knocked again. After another close revive I finally got to go and hide and recharge my shield when we were third partied again. This time I was killed and shortly after, respawned because we were right next to a respawn point.

After I respawn the circle was almost right on top of us and I had about 15 seconds to run and get my shit back, only to take damage from the closing circle and then we got third partied AGAIN from another squad racing the circle and I was down in about 4 shots. My friends didn’t make it through the fight and then I was dead once more.

3 knockdowns, 2 deaths in 3 minutes. I could do nothing but sit there and think “you’ve got to be fucking kidding” and then I had to kinda laugh at it. Just terrible luck. If I can find the stream of it I’ll do my best to post it. What’s your worst moments of luck in this game?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/clnff6/whats_the_worst_string_of_luck_youve_ever_had_in/

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