Why Apex is so buggy + solution

Respawns item shop only has 4 items at a time, and last an entire week. And if there's shitty items that nobody wants, they make no money that entire week. They already lost out on hundreds of millions of dollars just from not updating their item shop. And with those hundreds of millions they could hire more staff to fix bugs, host bigger events, and just make the game bigger/better. From a business standpoint its absolutely dumb to not rotate their item shop daily. Fortnite rotates their item shop daily and is a big reason why they've made so much money. As money hungry as EA is you'd think they be trying to sell the shit out of their items.

If Respawn can read this: Rotate your item shop daily, and I promise you'll see a big jump in revenue. Also you could be selling weapon charms and dive trails you silly billies.
Just thoughts from an Apex loyalist.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/e9do5g/why_apex_is_so_buggy_solution/

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