Why Apex Legends is the worst BR ATM ?

  1. BUGS : A hilarious amount of bugs and no hotfixes coming at all, Respawn most likely think that the game is actually good the way it is right now. I seriously doubt that they actually developed such a good game since they are having big trouble fixing small issues within the game.
  2. Matchmaking : You can't find something more retarded than Apex matchmaking seriously, how are they expecting new players to enjoy their journey in the game when they get to face experts before hitting lvl 15 ?
  3. Content : Well Apex Legends is the only BR game with one freaking mode, i'm not gonna mention maps and guns and legends let's point out something really standard in any BR Game "modes" Solo/duo.
  4. Servers : Nobody can deny how frustrating EA servers are. They really should add 20mo/s internet connection on the list of the minimum requirements for the game.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/bs6axn/why_apex_legends_is_the_worst_br_atm/

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