Why are they….Randoms?

I don't know any other way to put it… It seems you either have a team, or your a random… Which 90% of the time, is a bad thing…I've come to know the word Random as the new "noob". I just don't understand…Most other fps I played people get better, theres a higher skill cap… But in apex, the vast majority of my games as a random have been just WTF moments where I am watching teammates and wondering if we are playing the same game? I,ll give a few examples…

  1. The 1 guy on the team that runs as fast as possible forward looking for literally anyone, even running into a tight 3 man squad guns blazing out in the open field while we are 300+ distance away. (hint: they never get a single kill, most the time not even a hit, die, and disconnect immediately.)
  2. The Storm Trooper random: Whether he is using a wingman, an r99, or an LMG, this guy misses every single shot, and somehow is usually the last one alive… Who needs just 1 shot to finish the enemy team, but can never land a hit to save his life. (Hint: This just happened, the guy needed 1 shot… The storm trooper strafed repeatedly missing every shot while this guy, no joke, STOOD STILL and shot him in the head with a wingman. He missed the entire clip….on a non moving target.)
  3. The afker: Ever notice you dropped with someone… And then you watch them run under a building, and then never move again? Try mentioning reporting them on mic, and watch as their internet bad symbol suddenly appears. Idk if this is a bot or what? But i've seen multiple this season, and they only plugpull if you talk about reporting them for afking, try it, its kinda funny.
  4. The Punch Party Random: The guy that gets jumpmaster and follows the most enemies down. Hint: He also disconnects the very second he dies. (Can we get some drastically better leave/afk punishments??)

SO my question is, why? Like…This game in particular? Why does it attract so many…. Randoms.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/go7rsh/why_are_theyrandoms/

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