Why does this game not have a reconnect feature?

If they can’t fix bugs like “error processing game logic”, or random server shutdowns, why can’t there be a reconnect feature like pubg? The only excuse the devs have given is that a reconnect feature would be too easy to abuse. How does pubg’s reconnect get abused? I’m sure it’s not too bad to copy a simple reconnect feature, when games like Fortnite copy entire concepts from Apex. I’ve done some development on online games before, and adding a reconnect feature is extremely easy. If there’s a disconnect, just save the players last location/inventory/whatever else. When they reopen the game, they can go back. In the meantime, their avatar just acts as if there is no input; if they are falling they continue to fall, if they are being shot they continue to take damage, if they die when they reconnect they die. I fail to see how this can be abused, and how there can be anything besides a positive impact for this game.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/g0ta78/why_does_this_game_not_have_a_reconnect_feature/

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