Why is this always the situation?

I clutch the intense 1v3 for my team mid game- they’re both down. I rush to pick one up so I can go loot. I pick him up. I go to loot. Where’s our third teammate? Well teammate #2 decided he could just loot with me and leave our 3rd teammate down while I pick up fresh meds/armor/Ammo. I start shooting at our 2nd teammate so our 3rd guy realizes I wasn’t in on this. I go to revive 3rd guy cause #2 is nose deep in a deathbox.
Whoa #2 has a gold backpack? Why didn’t I get it…oh yeah cause I wasn’t being a fucking loot whore.

I just walked off the edge of the map after that and each time they tried respawning me I would just walk off into the zone. #2 finally goes down and I drop a white backpack infront of him and start teabagging. I place a portal. I teabag back and forth between portal entrances. (4meters) apart. He leaves the game.
Loot whore taking the fast heal just to go down? Not today.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/c7jrqi/why_is_this_always_the_situation/

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