Why rank protection is currently an issue and should be reworked

I recently reached diamond and since the people i used to play can't really handle the diamond pre-mades i started playing solo. I tought that because you have to be at least decent to reach diamond i would be paired with people who know what to do.

I was wrong. I've seen people solo/hot dropping and mindless pushing every team even outside the ring. After checking these people's profiles on apex tracker i saw they are all at diamond 4 with 0 points (720), since they don't get punished they play ranked like it's pubs hoping to pop off one game while basically throwing every game where it doesn't happen.

My suggestion: I understand the dev's reason of why the system is currently the way it is but i think a good change would be a demotion after x games with 0 points gained. Right now even the highest ranked tier is unplayable solo and that's a shame.

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