World’s edge / kings canyon

I don't know what you are thinking at Respawn, but you probably just want to see the numbers of players on both of maps.

Forcing people to play a map that they don't want to play is the worst thing you can possibly do. I hoped y'all learned from removing Kings Canyon in the first place.

People that like kings Canyon, don't want to play when Worlds Edge is rotated and same way around.
And the small amount of people that actually enjoy both and like the changes, can enjoy that same thing when it's selected instead of rotated. I don't understand what the hell you're thinking. There's no good reason to actually make it rotating. 'Queue times'. Have you tried playing ranked in pred? It's still shit queue time. And most of the players that came back to play kings Canyon, will dip when it's worlds edge and other way around.

Why the fuck do you need to fuck up everything over and over.

Just give the community KC and Worlds Edge.

Rev buffs are okay.
Low profile nerfs are questionable.
Sniper ammo nerf and scout nerf are good nerfs.
Lifeline buff is fucking weird.
Mirage nerf is beyond my comprehension because mirage was trash anyways.

I don't know what the fuck is happening. I don't think there's alot of people happy at the moment. Maybe the noobs or regular players, but I'm pretty sure that every top 5% player hates this update.


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