Wraith skin causes issues for ranked

I’m making this post as a sort of petition and way to see how many people want the Wraith EVENT Skin disabled or temporarily removed from game.

EA/Respawn want to leave it in game so people buy it that’s fine I understand it. I don’t agree with it but I understand it but why am I fighting wraiths in ranked who use this skin to exploit the no headshot damage and fake hit reg giving them a unfair advantage?
It should absolutely be disabled for ranked no exceptions, We as a community agree it needs to be disabled but I don’t see a single post showing how many people overall actually want it gone. I see lots of videos on it and have lost a lot of fights because of this skin.

I play another game called SMITE and they disable the newest character for a month for ranked in case of bugs/balancing issues and will disable a character or specific paid skin until fixed if found to have game breaking bugs. Why can’t it be done for Apex a highly competitive game?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/hhoi12/wraith_skin_causes_issues_for_ranked/

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