Wraith used to be considered OP, but after going through exactly zero changes to what made her OP, she is now considered balanced?

What the community agreed made Wraith OP in the first few months:

  • Smallest hit box with the most passive movement (Upright firing stance to Naruto run)

  • Overloaded kit which is strong for both team and solo play. Only legend with abilities that could be considered "carry-like".

  • Passive that allows player to turn off game sense as she takes care of situational awareness for you.

Changes she has received:

  • +5% incoming damage

But its agreed that she balanced now?

This might be more of criticism of the of the community, but maybe its needed. How is Wraith no longer OP? Is it because TTV fad? The fact that she's definitely Respawn's favorite legend because they're a bunch of edge lords with no taste? Is it because a majority of the player base mains her? What balancing took place?

EDIT: Apparently I have hit a nerve and am now staring down a tidal wave of hyperbole. I know there are too many facts in this post for some of you, but here's a couple more. Caustic and Gibraltar are 105% and 145% larger than Wraith respectively. the -15% damage that these two enjoy is literally a "sorry we made these legends too fat" coupon for respawn that does really fuck all to negate the damage from the shots they are passively soaking up. The +5% damage Wraith got is reliant near completely on the players shooting at her as she noodles around 90% of the Peacekeeper's spread. In short, LL was really the only one effected by the damage reduction/increase.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/d57k3x/wraith_used_to_be_considered_op_but_after_going/

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