Wraith’s tactical is nigh useless at what it was supposed to be used for.

Get out of harm's way and reposition? I wish.

– It has stupidly long cooldown for a tactical, which means you're only ever going to use it once in a fight (or even less if you find yourself in another fight too quickly)

– The delay at the start is so long, that you basically have to use it on prediction

– The delay at the end is so long, that you can eat an entire mag from most SMGs and ARs before you'll even pull out the gun

– The speed boost is so low it may as well doesn't exist (does it even exist?)

– While you may dodge damage for those 3 seconds (minus getting lagged on and phasing into knockdown) it essentially delays your death by those 3 seconds if enemies don't have to fight for their lives

– Which is caused by the trail that is much more visible than Wraith herself would ever be

– Unless the ring is involved (i.e. setting up a portal outside the ring or getting around an obstacle if you are lucky with the ring placement) it has zero out of combat usability

– About the only times it has any use is directly tied to her ult and to a lesser degree getting past traps assuming that Caustic is deaf, blind and didn't decide to just close the door

Quite frankly it feels like the absolute last resort and you should always play as if you didn't have a tactical ability in the first place, which is pretty sad, because the idea behind the ability itself is very interesting.

And before somebody says "But Wraith is strong and popular!", yes, because of her hitbox (which is only relevant when running) and audio-visual design (as the resident edge lord). I'm talking about the Tactical ability itself.

[Just a rant as a Wraith player. Quite frankly for the most part it feels like I'm playing a character that has no abilities, only that voice that sometimes tells me somebody is aiming at me after I already got shot twice. These days I find myself playing Pathfinder (and to a lesser degree Caustic) about as often if not more than Wraith, because she simply doesn't have the same amount of usability as far as her abilities are concerned. Flank? Lmao, let me hook/zip-line right on top of them… or on top of that normally unscalable sniping position. Reposition? Ditto. Getting to safety? Ever heard of Grappler in Tribes Vengeance?]

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/ghaz2m/wraiths_tactical_is_nigh_useless_at_what_it_was/

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