Yet another Legend Concept – Ignis (Crazed Pyrotechnician)

Name: Amber Kindel.

Origin: Solace (Solace City) [Very British]

Legend Type: Offensive.

Passive: Heat of the Moment – Ignis' modified jumpsuit provides immunity to flame effects (Thermite Grenades & Tactical) and halves damage dealt by Lava.

Tactical: Combustible Cocktail – Ignis throws a impact grenade filled with flammable chemicals spreading an area of flames with a diameter 3/4's of a thermite grenade's length. Can destroy doors but deals half the total damage of a thermite grenade.

Ultimate: Flames take flight! – Ignis activates her personal jetpack for 30 seconds allowing limited flight, cannot move in the cardinal directions whilst going upwards, she can ADS and shoot weapons however recoil is increased mildly.

Bio: A leading expert in pyrotechnics in Solace city, Ignis enjoyed being in high demand for high-class shows and festivals, however when a stray firework left her fighting for her life a series of expensive surgeries and a mutiny within her company left her penniless and unstable. Volunteering in some less that reputable tests on experimental flight gear gave her the tools and experience to build her way back to the spotlight and with the help of her oldest and most trusted friends she created an explosive arsenal of chemical cocktails. From there she signed up to fight in the Apex games and soon flew her way to fame.

Intro: You're playing with fire here, don't cry to me when you get burnt.

Kill Quip: *Chuckles* You can't fight fire with fire darling, let this be a lesson.


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