1.5.1 CT Iteration 1: Leopard PTA Conclusion and Feedback

And another daily dose of RagingReeeeeeee…. Raptor…

Once again I put my thoughts also in the Video with more material to look at and examples of pros and cons. I want to keep this post short as I am still gonna do the Type 61 Video and gotta translate my STB-1 thing in german too for the german forum staff.

The Gun:

Overall all the changes are welcome. Everything is a straight buff except for worse reloadspeed. You gain however 130 more DPM ( which is 100 more then the Leo1 got… feelsbadman) Accuracy on the Move and aimtime feels marvelouse and really makes this tank shine in run and gun scenarios which I also had in the replay. To be honest, nothingn to change there otherwise it would get OP.

The Mobility:

This is where the sadness starts. Why the HP/t ration and reverse speed got butchered is a mystery to me. I can live with worse turret and hull traverse, but the very important ratio and reverse speed are crucial for its survival. I high liest want both to come back as well as giving the leopard on t10 an HP/t ratio of around 23 to actually hit its topspeed.


It overall feels very solid. I had in the 6-10 games I have played a lot of fun and always asked myself. Why should I get the Leo 1 now again? For marginal upgrades? The problem is. If you play UDES 16 and get the T10 Udes. It feels like an amazing upgrade. Here it actually feels like a downgrade as you have to fight stronger ( and maybe more OP ) opponents on T10. So right now my problems are that:

– The Upgrade from T9 to T10 is not big enough e.g. the T10 sucks

– The mobility got hit too hard for an agile sniper with no armor to speak of. Compared to AMX 30prot I don't see a reason why to get the Leo PTA

So yeah. overall decent but give it its mobility back. Thank you for your attention and let me know what you think about those changes in here or more importantly in the forum!

Kind regards


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