2019 Trick or Treat Event

Is it just me or does no one seem to care about the Trick or Treat event?


I wanted to see which side people were choosing and there is very little chatter about it. Seems most people agree the crab stencil (team Treat) is more like an actual stencil, but it looks a little odd; while the spider stencil (team Trick) is just kinda meh.

Also, the event does not appear to inspire much enthusiasm when you realize that being one of the first 100 players to achieve 100 victories is just going to reward yolo gameplay and bots. I am a casual player with a 51% win rate, so I'll have to play 196 games, totaling approx 20 hours just to reach 100 wins, and there is no way that I will be one of the first hundred players to get there. Why would I even try?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/dfj12u/2019_trick_or_treat_event/

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