2020 Christmas Boxes

Just got done opening 75 loot boxes for $100. Well worth it. I was skeptical at first because, you know, its wargaming. However, I did the math and recieved a little over $300 in prizes. I take the mindset with new when buying loot boxes that you need to ve snow to profit off the boxes. And oh boy did I. I recieved 30,000 gold alone, 4 new tanks (3,4,6,8) the tier 8 being the GSOR and 6 being that French auto loading sherman. 4.7 mil credits, and festivety 10 just from those 75. I also recieved 4 new 3d styles( none which I wanted) still they look badass, and 50 days of premium.

Overall, I'm stoked about this. Christmas is the only time of year I spend money on this wallet burning game. I think WoT learned from the WoWs crate mess and actually gives quite a bit of stuff. Or they're still shady and I'm just ignorant. But, 10/10

Good luck!!!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/k9ramz/2020_christmas_boxes/

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