34 wins out of 77 battles today, how can some players be so bad at this?

I can understand if you are really bad at home improvement, you have a house and try to make stuff better. But a house is sort of not optional, you can stop playing WoT if you are really awful at it. I won't judge, in fact I might send you a gift card or a nice bottle of wine if you stop playing…

If I don't bother to spectate a loss, it was probably a bad game blowout.

So often by the time I get in position, before I even fire off a round. Team loses 3-4 tanks to 0-1 losses from other side. WTF are you people doing?

I really love when everything seems pretty even, get into a heated 20 second battle. By the time I emerge, half the players on my team are gone. Again, wtf are you people doing.

Now I know why I stopped playing for almost a year. Once the last FL session is over, think I will take a break until it restarts. At least in those matches still feels like a game vs. a slaughter.

Pretty sure half the players don't know a map exists or are too busy slobbering over their keyboard to ever take a look at it. It does zoom in if you need clarity.

BTW, I don't claim to be a superstar, I just know I am better than average and average is awful. My biggest issue with scoring, I am aggressive and try to take the early advance positions and if my team is in la la land, I tend to do real poorly in those instances.

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