A comment I made but wanted to make a post. All opinions welcomed!

This all from my viewpoint but please feel free to upvote and share this if you agree.

A post regarding Steel Hunter got many upvotes in a short period of time and made me wonder:

Why isn’t there isn’t a better community leader/ staff team/ SOMEONE TO SAY WE HEAR YOU?

Balances take a year for sometimes good, more often mediocre results, Steel Hunter has overstayed its welcome, $35 for a frickin game pass where the average in most games is $10-$20, tank rewards taken away, Premium tanks having increased power creep, and the list goes on. Now, some positives are tank diversity is becoming a thing (except stupid Ferrari’s) gameplay is very unique with its only solid competitor being War Thunder, being active in clans can give solid rewards, Prime gaming bundles to make credit earning and crew training easier for newer and older players, and weekend special events for the most part that are helpful.

Now with roughly 100,000 players worldwide (correct me if I’m wrong) on this game and about 90% of them can agree on what is good and what is bad about WoT, that is an achievement of itself. I wish I could pinpoint the day that WG started ignoring the community more often but because I’ve been on and off this game, like MANY others, it’s hard to say how much of it is greed, lack of care of the majority of the player-base, and laziness. Versus hiring the wrong people, the community being too demanding or unreasonable, fear of becoming more outdated, and other things they may be in position to highlight. (Wargaming Staff this is where you respond 🤠.) I don’t understand why there is such a feeling of deafness towards the community but really is, for lack of the proper word, uncool.

I think I speak for many when I say it would really be encouraging and amazing to see a weekly, bi-weekly, or at LEAST monthly discussion on Reddit about topics the community wants to have their say in and see why WG handles the topic the way they do. Again, this is just my viewpoint so correct me or be the devils advocate so to speak for anything I’ve misinterpreted and flat wrong on.

Edit: One big commendation I want to give to WG is them coming out and saying they’re going to look at the M44 and see what balance change they can make to it. I’m pretty certain that was music to everyone’s ear.

TL;DR. Overall, WG has shown a lack of interest in the community for months or years, and was curious if everyone feels that way.

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