(A gamemodeidea) What if…

…there is a gamemode wich includes no arty, but everyone can achieve an artillery, or airstrike after achieving an objective inmid game: "Kill X enemies, deal x amount of damage, cause x amount of spot damage, block x amount of damage" and so on.

Basically the call of Duty kill series system, except for tanks.

There can be different rewards aswell. Carepackage drops for premium rounds (wich can only be gained that way, not prior to the game), or gameongoing buffs or damagerepair (repairpartytool, any of the equipment or skills/perks you can have on top).

Many of those ideas are already a thing in Steelhunter and Frontline. But i had liked a combination of all three gamemodes (still on randommaps to keep the ressources)

Why am i brainstorming this:

I sat back and thought about the problems the game had:

Artillery being mandatory in stalled out games, yet VERY annoying to play against
The snowballeffect ending games way too fast
The pay to win aspect of premium rounds: pay more, achieve more
Once a game is drawn out, every move can be deadly (especially on Stuzianska and Prokorovka)

And then i was wondering how we could cancel out many of the selfmade problem the game had

Okay. Time for your complains. I go and prepare the guillotine

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/nqdrlp/a_gamemodeidea_what_if/

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