A long-ish rant about the reason(s) as to why I’ve lost my love and passion for WoT

I've been playing WoT for almost 6 1/2 years now and it's always been a love / hate sort of thing, but somehow the game has always won me back in the past, no matter how fed up I was with it at the time.

I would take weeks, sometimes even months off from the game, hoping that I would have fun and find interest in the game again, once I'd return and usually that is exactly what had happend.

However, the more breaks I took over the last 2-3 years, the shorter was the duration in which I had fun again upon returning and the sooner I had to take yet another break from the game. And well, now I feel that I'm at a point, where breaks won't do it anymore and where I'm just done with WoT.

I'm for example someone who would play 95% of tanks only (!) for the duration in which I have to grind them to get to the next tank, and then I'd either sell them or keep them around, although even most of my "keeper tanks" these days collect more and more dust in the garage.

The problem? It's not really necessary to actually grind any tank anymore these days, since there are so many blueprints flying around that I could research most the tanks I got left for free. The only reason why I would still have to play any new tank is to unlock and research modules, unless I of course pay WG so that I can convert gold to free XP.

Great, I get to play the shittiest version of each new tank I got and then when I can finally upgrade it and can play it to it's full potential, I have no reason to actually play it anymore, since I always have the next tank researched already and really only need the credits now to buy it.

And sure, I could just force myself to not use the blueprints and I've been doing and trying that, but it just isn't the same anymore and feels so pointless.

I'm not even grinding tanks anymore, but just modules, so that I can move on to the next stock tank and repeat the process, up until I eventually end up at tier 10, a tier that is btw the most broken and unenjoyable tier for me in the entire game and has been for a long time. Like, what's the point?

Everything leads up to tier 10, every single tech tree. It's the peak of competitiveness, of skill, of everything combined that you've hopefully learned getting there.. Or at least that's what tier 10 is supposed to be, right?

Instead we got tier 11 reward tanks like the Chieftain or 279 (e), we got broken ass EBR 105's, we got 3 SPG's on each side, we got way too many LT's and TD's at once in a lot of games, we got all the gold spam and P2W in the world, we got an insanely bad matchmaker and we also got insanely bad maps, with for example unspottable camping locations along a lot of the redlines.

Not to mention how bottom of the barrel the quality of gameplay is, as a result of the blueprints, because everyone and anyone is getting rushed up to tier 10 these days and therefore isn't even really given the chance to learn how to play WoT.

There's just so much wrong with this game, not only at tier 10 (by far not) and I'm just so over it.

WG appears to rather focus their energy and time on things that nobody ever asked for and that'll even further break the game anyways from the looks of it, like for example the now cancelled ammunition / HP rework or the current equipment rework that's on the sandbox testserver.

But ey, why for example finally buff the german heavys, when you can instead waste the entirety of 2019 and most of 2020 as well so far, just to work on the above and then in the end throw it all in the trash, because WG after 50 different testserver runs, has finally figured, that what they got planned might be a bad idea.

I don't know, man.. I'll rather stick to just watching others play WoT and save myself from all the headaches and frustration, as that's sadly all that WoT does for me these days.

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