A perspective on gold rounds and spamming.

It’s obvious that many players in randoms hate those that shoot full gold, claiming that it takes less skill or other reasons. But I would like to pose the question, “If players shoot full gold, doesn’t that make the game more, rather than less, skillful?” I’m not going to say much for lightly armored tanks, such as the Leopard 1 or AMX 30B, as they can be autoaimed and penned easily so it doesn’t really matter what shell is fired. Tanks with some or a lot of armor, in a world where only standard shells are fired, wouldn’t that make it too easy to abuse? When meeting players shooting full gold, they obviously have a better chance of penning you, which requires you to think about your approach and change the way you play. If you get penned once by gold and continue to play the same way, you are just betting with RNG to give you different results, which is insanity. Same with HE, you wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) try continually trading with a hull down 60TP.

I only browse the subreddit occasionally so I don’t know the thoughts of people here regarding gold spam, so I am open to listening to opinions.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/i0nuqr/a_perspective_on_gold_rounds_and_spamming/

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