A proposed redesign of Crew 2.0

Okay, let’s throw out Crew 2.0 and start from scratch. I might use older terms, but assume everything below is a brand new approach.

New Crew:

Tanks will keep their crew layouts. Each tank has a number of crew members (2-6, maybe more? T-35 pls) with the possibility of overlapping roles. Usually two loaders, but some tanks like the Strv 103B might have two gunners. Some crew members will have multiple roles.

This provides a tank-specific uniqueness regarding crew members that get knocked-out. There are five new perk categories that we will get to later, but for now understand that each role is tied to a category. These are as follows:

  • Tactics (Commander)
  • Operations (Radio Operator)
  • Gunnery (Gunner)
  • Driving (Driver)
  • Maintenance (Loader)

For example, if the Commander gets knocked-out and they have both the Commander and Radio Operator role, then all perks in the Tactics and Operations categories become useless until the Commander is healed. If there are two loaders and one gets knocked-out, then perks in the Maintenance category lose 50% of their effectiveness. This is on top of reductions to the effectiveness of things like reload time and view range associated with the loss of a crew member. This is nothing new, this is how the game already works. A knocked-out Commander will not activate Sixth Sense, for example.

Instructors are a new mechanic. They are unique personnel that can be connected to up to five tanks. Any tank of any classification or tier can be tied to the same Instructor. For each tank tied to an Instructor, that tank gets an extra 1% bonus to all of its characteristics, up to 5% with five tanks. For example, if an Instructor is tied to two tanks, both of those tanks get a +2% bonus. If it's four tanks, then +4%. This is a direct replacement for Brothers In Arms. Removing a tank from an Instructor will cost Gold.

Instructors provide a flat 5% bonus to a single vehicle characteristic for all tanks tied to them: View Range, Camouflage, Reload Time, Accuracy, Aim Time, Forward/Reverse Speed, or Turret/Track Traverse Speed. Only one bonus can be chosen at a time. Changing the Instructor’s bonus will cost Gold.

Each current crew commander with a unique skin and/or voice (for example, Chuck Norris) will become a Commander. The rest of the crew members will have all of their EXP sent to the current commander of that vehicle. Leftover unique crew members (like any now with 0 EXP) will become Commander skins, like Toma Teu or George Patton. Groups like Sabaton will simply be represented by the entire group rather than just one Commander, or become Instructors, and probably will be permanently tied to their unique vehicles. When you apply a Commander to a tank, that application will become permanent, but their skins can be swapped about (for Gold, probably).

Also, you will now have the option to make any non-unique Commander male or female, and the same with Instructors. Instructors don’t have any special tiers associated with them. Commander skins can be applied to non-unique Instructors.

New Perk System:

Crew EXP is gained normally and is earned by the Commander, except now this Crew EXP goes directly to the Instructor the Commander is tied to. The Instructors automatically gain Perk Points with this Crew EXP at a flat rate. Those Perk Points can now be used to unlock new crew perks. A player can spend these Perk Points on any tank tied to the Instructor.

There are a total of 25 perks available spread evenly across five categories and they can be mixed-and-matched however a player wants. Applying 5 Perk Points to all five perks in a category unlocks a special sixth perk in that category. However, this sixth option also requires a Perk Point.

Each tank has a maximum of 15 perks they can use at any time. Resetting the perks works like crew retraining does in the current system, and will cost Gold.

After an Instructor achieves their potential maximum of 75 Perk Points, the Instructor will start automatically converting Crew EXP into Bonds (or Credits, depending on WG) at a (low, obviously,) flat rate. Premium Tanks, with their improved Crew EXP modifiers, can help make this conversion happen faster.

There might have to be a Crew Books equivalent to Perk Points that can be given to any Instructor a player chooses, depending on how the numbers for the switch to my hypothetical Crew 2.0 works out. Crew Books themselves will now apply to Instructors, or could be converted.

New Perks:

The main goal my chosen perks is to accomplish tasks that consumables and equipment can't. Further, I believe I can balance them out so that any 15-point cannot be described as "general use". Some might always be preferred, but in order to get some of the more attractive sixth options require "wasting" points on perks you might otherwise find useless.

It's important to remember that unlike what WG has shown us with their Crew 2.0, this proposed system does not have an incremental system to perk selection. There is no training. You select a perk, that perk is applied as-is and cannot have additional modifiers added to it. Also, Sixth Sense is always active and tied to the Commander. It doesn’t need to be unlocked and takes up no Perk Points.

Tactics (Commander)

  • Eagle Eye: Allows the Commander to identify critically damaged modules and crew on targeted vehicles.
  • Foresight: Sixth Sense activates in 2 seconds instead of 3 seconds. Also provides a visual indicator for where an enemy SPG shell is coming from.
  • Concealment: +1% to stationary camouflage and +0.2% to camoflauge while moving (+1% to both with light tanks). For each crew member, this increases by an additional +1%/+0.2%.
  • Field Training: Reduces the time it takes to set up equipment by 1 second.
  • Tactical Withdraw: Reduces the time your vehicle remains spotted by 2 seconds after exiting the effective view range of the enemy vehicle spotting you.
  • Requires all other five perks selected: Jack Of All Trades: Removes the impact of one knocked out crew member. If the affected crew member is healed, the effect resets to the next crew member to be knocked out.

Operations (Radio Operator)

  • Battle Planning: +4m to view range. For every operational ally within radio range who also has this perk, you get an additional +4m to view range up to a maximum of +20m. The Radio Operators and Radios of you and your allies must be undamaged.
  • Situational Awareness: +4m to maximum draw range. For every operational ally within view range who also has this perk, you get an additional +4m to draw range up to a maximum of +20m. The Commanders and View Ports of you and your allies must be undamaged.
  • Designated Target: Enemy vehicles spotted by you remain spotted for an additional 2 seconds.
  • Ear Protection: Received stun duration decreases by 15%.
  • Call For Vengeance: If the enemy vehicle that knocks you out is spotted, they remain spotted for an additional 3 seconds. Your Radio Operator and Radio must be functioning when you are knocked out.
  • Requires all other five perks selected: Additional Benefits: Gives an additional 25% to the effectiveness of equipment whose abilities wouldn’t ordinarily stack, if both equipment are installed.

Gunnery (Gunner)

  • Deadeye: Increases the chance of damaging enemy modules and crew.
  • Adrenaline Rush: Reduces weapon reload speed by 10% if your vehicle’s hit points drop below 20%.
  • Concentrated Fire: Enemy vehicles damaged by you remain spotted for an additional 2 seconds. This effect resets with cumulative shots.
  • Precise Aiming: Reduces the size of the aiming reticle by 2% while stationary. Comes into effect after the vehicle has been stationary for 2 seconds.
  • Snap Shot: +5% to turret traverse speed.
  • Requires all other five perks selected: Consistent Fire: Reduces the damage and penetration RNG of your gun from +/-25% to +/-20%.

Driving (Driver)

  • Clutch Braking: +5% to vehicle traverse speed and your vehicle decelerates more quickly.
  • Off-Road Driving: Improves terrain resistance values on moderate and soft terrain.
  • Smooth Ride: Improves gun dispersion while on the move.
  • Controlled Impact: Reduces damage taken to your vehicle by ramming and increases ramming damage dealt to enemy vehicles.
  • Rapid Response: Reduces the time it takes to move in and out of driving modes by 50%.
  • Requires all other five perks selected: Fine Engineering: Damaged modules retain an additional 50% of their effectiveness.

Maintenance (Loader)

  • Firefighting: Damage taken by fires decreases by 30%. For each crew member, this increases by an additional 5% up to a maximum of 80%. (T-35 WG pls)
  • Intuition: Decreases the time it takes to change shell types by 50%. For each shell fired without changing shell types, this effect increases by 5% to a maximum of 80%. This effect does not activate if your vehicle automatically changes shell types after running out of a given shell type.
  • Wet Storage: Instead of detonating, a critically-damaged ammo rack will result in your vehicle losing 50% of its remaining ammunition.
  • Repairs: +5% to repair speed. For each crew member, this increases by an additional +5% to a maximum of +35%.
  • Rationing: Consumable cooldown time decreases by 15 seconds.
  • Requires all other five perks selected: Preventative Measures: Fires remain localized to the fuel tanks and engine compartment of your vehicle, meaning fire will not spread to damage additional modules or crew.

Additional Changes:

  • Fires will always run for a set amount of time. The only way to cut this time is with a consumable fire extinguisher.
  • There’ll be a new Field Modification option that lets you add a second Commander to a tank which you can then swap between (and their differing Perk setups) during the battle countdown, like with equipment and consumables. Commander names can be used to help identify which crew you’re selecting.

If you have any additional questions I'd be more than happy to answer them.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/phaky4/a_proposed_redesign_of_crew_20/

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