A Random Advent Calendar Prediction: Object 703 version II

Post Mortem on Last year Holiday Ops boxes:

– a lot of players spend a lot on boxes but failed to get IS-3A- WG never compensated these players an option to redeem this tank at a different price- These players left hanging with tons of golds but no means to purchase IS-3A by Gold

Maybe WG got all the statistics & implementing options to redeem those rare premium tanks from boxes, via Advent Calendar OR Black Market OR other special events:

703 version II: (23,000 Gold) (2x the gold price)

– E75 TS: (15,750 gold) (1.5x the gold price)

– SU-130pm: (16,350 gold) (1.5x the gold price)

– Progetto 46: (16,500 gold) (1.5x the gold price)


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/ead1ys/a_random_advent_calendar_prediction_object_703/

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