A46 bad (wow did I surprise you???)

I just got my A46 after all day suffering with Valiant. Obviously, the tank that everyone can get "for free" will never be overpowered. That's what Valiant is. That is what A46 is as well. But my god. These tanks should have something interesting in them. At least I wanted to believe so. Especially when I killed all day on this. I paid with my time.

Wargaming made really bad Valiant, fine. You don't even need to do anything to get it, just log in. But the reward for playing this slow in every way (even with shells velocity) piece of metall should be worth it. That's why A46 has to be good at something. On the same level (or maybe even slightlybetter) as Light Tanks from tech tree in some ways. But it is worse in every way. When WG said that A46 has accurate gun and then showed us 0.45 dispension, I hoped that maybe this tank has very good gun handling. But no. It has bad accuracy + bad gun handling. The gun of A46 has nothing interesting. It is not that fast (compared to other LT). And obviously A46 has no armour. It is just so bland.

Also, Wargaming didn't do some little things with A46 – you cannot compare it into the game with other tanks. And you also cannot get points for Battle Pass with playing this vehicle. Why? Who knows…

Oh, by the way, this one I don't get at aaaall. A46 has as much HP as Leopard – tier 5 Light Tank. Even in this parameter our new premium "gift" worse that every other tier 6 LT.

Or am I too harsh with the developers? I don't know, maybe I'm all wrong. I just love this game and hope that WoT will become better and better. And because I love this game and dedicated so much time playing it, I want to have something valuable on it's 10th birthday. Every player wants that… But we just got two pieces of garbage.

Honestly, A46 isn't that bad. It is just weak and uninteresting machine.

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