About the badger….

I See a Lot of Players commenting on the badger, that it is Just a Bad E3, and Overall a Bad Tank.

I think differently. Not Just is it better than the e3, but also one of the best Tanks Overall.
It has good Armor Overall, If used correctly it gets almost as good AS the e3(unless high pen gold, 350mm, gets a lucky Roll). Even its lower Plate can be used. Also, it doesnt have 'weak' weakspots.

It has good gunhandling: awesome accuracy (0.26), Epic aimtime (1.4_) Strong gundepression (10°)
It has the feckin highest dpm with acceptable Penetration values

The only Thing it doesnt have is Speed, but with the Bonds turbo that hast Changes as Well.

I really cant understand why ppl would call it a Bad Tank. I Play it at 3.5k av DMG with 4.3k recent, and at 61%win.

What is your opinion (with Arguments pls)?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/om4oxl/about_the_badger/

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