about the Road to Berlin event

So this event wasn't as bad as i thought it would be,

the game mode was decent if wargaming made it less frustrating i would even say it was good

the event rewards were nice too 5 x booklets for ussr,usa,uk was a good reward for the first stages

and the IS-2S is a good tank for collectors or people who love the standard IS

and the final reward is okay too its a bounty ventilation that you can upgrade into a better version of bond eqquipment for only credits!

and the grind was not hard(but frustrating due to the game mode in general isn't perfect)

they gave enough x15 boosters with daily missions that even a below average player can grind out at least the IS-2S

the things that wg should improve in the future:aimbot with 0,01 acuraty is not the most fun thing to play against,grind without boosters shouldn't be meaning less,REMOVE ARTY,add more tanks to play with different playstyles,make all combat reserves like strike fighters, katyusa equally strong.

but all in all i think we can say this was a pretty alright event with not soul crushing grind which is a good thing in my opinion

what is your oppinion on the road to berlin event?

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