Accidentally destroyed Bounty equipment? Support will blame you, and only restore it once

If you don't know how to accidentally destroy Bounty equipment:

I contacted support, and they said that they can only do this once and put blame on me and told me to "be more careful in the future". Then I have some questions for Wargaming:

  1. If I can restore crews (even manually in the game client) and premium tanks I have dismissed or sold, why is Bounty equipment such an exception? I've paid real money to get this equipment since I would never be able to grind out the entire last season of Battle Pass after all.
  2. Why are the demount and destroy buttons still right next to each other? It is just begging for accidental destructions. Even 6 months after it was first brought to attention, they haven't done anything about it. Maybe you shouldn't blame the players for accidentally destroying equipment; it's just incredibly poor design. Just read the comment section of Dez' video if you think I'm the only one who accidentally destroyed Bounty equipment.



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