Accuracy of some in-game models (image warning)

This isn't a post about historical accuracy of in-game stats, that's a balance aspect and hasn't been a thing for years now. What I'm talking about is the accuracy of the models to their real life designs.

For me, the biggest standouts are the American T110 tanks and the Swedish EMIL 1. These are by no means the only ones, just the most notable for me.

Feel free to list other tanks with incorrect in-game models


The T110E5 gun mantlet, commanders cupola and hull are all incorrect in-game. The hull was more akin to the M60's with the hard angled front instead of the eliptical hull it has in-game, while the turret was more like that of the T95E6


While technically a fake design by WG based on the actual T110E4 design to fill the turreted TD line, the E4 should still have the same base hull as the E5. This would actually allow it to have a full 360deg of turret rotation, albeit no depression over the rear.


The T110E3 (accurately it's the T110E4 design), like the previous two should share the same base hull design. An American Badger if you wil. The gun mantlet should also more similar in design to the T95's almost square shape then the circular design in-game.


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The problem with this is that the EMIL 1 and EMIL 1951 in-game are, for the most part identical because they're both based off the initial EMIL 1951 design. The EMIL 1 however has an incorrectly moddeled gun being placed higher then it should be that's fixed on the EMIL 1951.

So what is the correct EMIL 1? Take the EMIL 2 and down size it. The EMIL 1 should have the pikenose design of the EMIL 2 and 3 (Kranvagn) but smaller, matching the size of the current in-game hull.

You could use the EMIL 1951 turret on the pikenose hull to differentiat it better from the EMIL 2 while still more correct then the current EMIL 1 setup.

Unhonourable mention – T28 Prototype

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It's a fake, a whole fake and nothing but a fake tank… but the hull model should at least be updated to match the current T28 which is supposedly meant to be an initial design for the T28/T95. The benefit, like the T110E4 above, is the turret being able to rotate a full 360 deg.


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