Ace tanker mastery badge broken for Kpz 50 t I think. What do u guys think? any similar experiences?

1456 base xp game and only mastery 2nd class … like how. Also had a T49 ace tanker game in the same session and it only took 1272 base xp to get it. Yes, yes, I know each tank is rated individually, but it took me like 1200 something base xp to get ace on my obj. 277 recently (and that's a popular tank). So even if Kpz 50 t is a popular new tank, I think this should at least qualify for first class…

Ps. also had a 1418 base xp game in my T26E5 P and also only 1st class. So it seems like it's broken for some tanks.

2nd Ps. 2 years or so ago, the mastery badges were indeed broken and ace tanker would not be given to the tier 1 tanks. I played like 800 battles in my kolohousenka trying to get it… nothing until the update fixed it later. This is why I am suspicious it's actually broken

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